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The Takamori Legend The Takamori Legend

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad. Needs work tho.

First off. Your disclaimer. why did u mention that u didn't use a tablet? Does it make that much a difference? :/ Anyway.

Your graphics were alright, some of it could of been better, especially through the fight sequences. You seemed not to add as much detail when they fought. Movement wasn't always too fluid either. However mood setting in it was good i can give you that.

Sound could of been much better, you repeatedly used the same sword sound effect. If you really search you can find at least 10 different swords sounds, and if u really need to u could record via mic two forks hittin eachother and use that. The repetitive sound effects didnt do the movie to well.

Style, well it's anime so yeah, i like anime so u get my vote on that. But i tend to rate style on originality of style, not style chosen to use. So i only gave u a 3. Sorry, but yeah.

Violence was alright, you couldnt really feel the severe pace in the movie, with swords and action it's best to get alot of angles quick and fast to show pace. You can have the odd long one showin off that you can do it etc. Just a bit on ur pace would do well for you creates tension between the audience and the movie. Overall A good movie. However your mark dropped severly due to the red eye thing.

A Samurai sword fight over a myth is already cliche, never mind the added "i am not human" red eyes. You did well, keep it up.

Hostile Hostile

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Somethin' Different is something good.

Nice Movie you got there. Animtion is good, nice and smooth, i like the little bits when they speak, reminds me of a computer game when you fight and then get to a check point sort of thing. Metal Gear Solid 2 music works well. Only thing I could really say is that their Kung Fu could of been a little more fast paced. Everything else was excellent. I like the idea of a totally grey tonal movie.

Good work, keep it up.

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Qi Qi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Artistic Flare.

Well, im not really much of a fan of contempary artwork or animation. But i have to admit that it was a good job on composition, mood,graphics ideas. Etc. U really wanted the mind to act alone on this, nothing spelled out, which is nice to see a change.

To ur previous replies about u having work submitted to festivals. I have been to anim festivals b4, and well, all i can say is yours would fit in with the rest of them. Poetic artistic nonsense.

But carry on what ur doing because i know that it unfortunately sells, and that money can be made. Hopefully everyone on Newgrounds will see ur future anims. Good Job Overall.

®@ÑÐØm ½ ®@ÑÐØm ½

Rated 5 / 5 stars

®@ÑÐØm brilliant humour!

Absolutely great Zero, (it's Peter Murphy btw) your getting better n better, and ur anims are getting funnier n funnier. Fantastic to see some inventive anims, and u pull it off with ease. I hope to see some more very soon. How the hell do you come up with that random spectacular hilarious ideas? in a sentence...What's not to like?

Wux responds:

That means a lot coming from the guy who did, "Rival" (one of the best StickMovies of all time) which can be seen here:

My what a great PLUG!

Thanks Pete.